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Founded in 2001, Animal Alliance is an animal welfare organization that rescues and rehabilitates homeless animals, caring for them until they are adopted. We focus our efforts on animals facing euthanasia at other shelters, as well as those who were victims of cruelty or neglect. We know the only way to fix pet overpopulation is to "fix" our pets. We are dedicated to ensuring that all pet owners, regardless of income, have access to affordable spay/neuter services. So in 2009, Animal Alliance founded the Planned Pethood low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Planned Pethood also offers affordable, basic veterinary care with the aim of keeping at-risk pets in their homes and out of shelters.

Animal Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization led by volunteers. The work we do is not possible without loyal and dedicated donor support.

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Our Founder

Annie Trinkle, MBA, Executive Director, Founder

Upon graduating from Fairfield University with a B.S. in Marketing, Annie began a 15 year stretch in the corporate world, during which time she earned an MBA degree at night at Fordham University. After a near death experience and emergency surgery in 2001, Anne retired from work in transfusion medicine at Abbott Laboratories to devote herself full-time to animal rescue after years of part-time volunteering in the field of animal welfare. Shortly thereafter, she founded Animal Alliance.

In addition to initially creating a robust foster-based pet adoption program and opening a free-standing adoption center in 2014, Annie has worked for years to provide affordable, easily accessible spay/neuter for all pet owners. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, Annie underwent 30 rounds of chemotherapy and during one treatment, overheard 2 nurses expressing dismay that both of their cats recently had kittens.  She made up her mind at that moment that if those nurses couldn’t get their cats spayed, many more people were likely in the same situation   Planned Pethood, Animal Alliance’s Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic became a reality one year later.  As the clinic expanded, it was moved to its current location in 2012.  Since then a dedicated team of veterinary surgeons have spayed/neutered thousands of animals.

Annie and her husband David live outside of Lambertville, NJ, where they share their home with many treasured rescue dogs. They also host an ever changing lineup of foster dogs, and a small colony of feral cats relocated from various TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) colonies. Annie is a devoted fitness enthusiast, yoga practitioner, and a longtime vegan.


Photo by Fatdogfoto

Photo by Fatdogfoto


We are extremely lucky to have Animal Alliance in our world, for they make it a better world, saving one dog or cat at a time."

— Sally Huebner, Animal Alliance Volunteer & Adopter

Our Mission

Saving homeless animals and reducing pet overpopulation

Animal Alliance believes that euthanasia is an unacceptable fate for adoptable animals in shelters, who will lose their life due to pet overpopulation. Animal Alliance places at-risk animals into either a foster home or the safety of our shelter where they are rehabilitated, spayed/neutered, restored to health, and readied for a speedy adoption. We focus our efforts on injured, ill, and infirm animals, as well as victims of cruelty and neglect.