Our Impact

Animal Alliance rapidly responds to assist animals in immediate need and acts as a safety net to thousands of animals annually.  There is a constant flow of animals in/out of our shelter and low-cost spay/neuter clinic. In a single day, we can take in a neighborhood stray cat with a litter of kittens,  an injured dog from a local municipal impoundment facility, puppies from an overcrowded shelter, and an adult dog and cat being given up due to a family crisis like eviction or illness.  And we will adopt out several animals to wonderful homes!

On that same day, our clinic veterinarian will spay/neuter and vaccinate an average of 15-20  animals at a very reduced cost. We will distribute bags of donated food to feral cat caregivers or pet guardians who have fallen on hard times.  A handful of animals with minor maladies will come for a free vet exam or a shave-down of their matted hair because funds for professional grooming are not available.

We may get a call from a national agency for assistance with emergency placement of multiple dogs from a hoarding situation, puppy mill or hurricane, and we will scramble to make room for them in foster homes and in our shelter. 


‘Can’t afford’ is one of the most common reasons for surrendering a pet at a shelter, so the work Animal Alliance does directly reduces surrender rates.

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Foster Care  

This litter of 10 six-week old puppies was taken in by Animal Alliance and placed into foster homes while awaiting adoption.   Their mother, who had five litters in five years, was spayed at no cost.