Why Adopt?


When you adopt from Animal Alliance, you not only change the life of a special pet, you help us end pet overpopulation.

There’s no better way to help a homeless animal and bring joy and love into your life than adoption. At Animal Alliance, we unite more than 400  pets with loving, adoptive families every year. 

Importantly, adopting from Animal Alliance opens up a spot in our shelter, clearing the way for us to rescue another animal from neglect, abuse, or euthanasia. Together, we can give pets a new beginning.








Our Adoption Process


We want to make it easy for people to adopt pets, while ensuring each animal goes to the best home. We use a simple, straightforward adoption process and guide you through it each step of the way.

Step 1: Find your pet and apply  

You’ll find many amazing animals ready for adoption through Animal Alliance. View profiles of our pets on PetFinder or get up close and personal with our furry friends by attending an adoption event.

When you’ve met your match, fill out an application.   

Step 2: Meet the family and take your pet home 

Once your application is approved, it’s time to come to our center and take home your new pet! If you are adopting a dog, all members of your household—including dogs you currently own—need to meet your prospective pet at our center before the adoption can be completed. If all goes well, your newly adopted pet will go home with you that day.

Important Adoption Policies


 • Animal Alliance does not adopt adult dogs into households with children under 9 years of age due to the risk of bites.  Puppies nine months of age or under are able to be adopted into households with young children. 

• We do not adopt cats or kittens to families who intend to declaw them, due to the behavioral problems that can result.

• We adopt cats as indoor pets only, due to the high rate of injury to outdoor cats.

Adoption Fees


They're Worth Every Penny!

You can’t put a price on love. But there is good reason to put a price on pet adoption. Adoption fees help us ensure your special new pet is spayed/neutered, healthy, and ready for you to take home.

What’s in an adoption fee? 

  • Spay/neuter
  • Vaccinations, including rabies and distemper
  • Flea/tick treatments
  • Heartworm tests and monthly heartworm preventative (for dogs)
  • Feline leukemia/FIV tests (for cats)
  • Deworming
  • Microchipping
  • Treatment for injuries/illnesses pets had when they arrived
  • Cost of food, shelter, and supplies provided while they were in our care

Dog adoption fees

  • Puppy up to 6 months: $525
  • Puppies 7-12 months: $475
  • Dog 1-8 years old: $375  (Groomed: $425)
  • Dog 8 years and older: $250

Cat adoption fees

  • Kitten up to 12 months: $125
  • Cat 1 year+: $75



Many of our rescue animals require extended stays in foster care—a comfortable, temporary home for a pet while it awaits adoption.

Most shelter animals can benefit from fostering, including:

  • Injured or ill animals that need to recuperate quietly after treatment
  • Pets that need help learning to trust humans again
  • Animals that could benefit from additional training or extra attention
  • Well-adjusted pets that are simply in need of a break from the shelter

By fostering a pet, you help us rescue another

When you open your home to a foster pet, it frees up a spot in our shelter, allowing us to rescue another animal. Fostering a pet is very rewarding and makes a great family project!   Foster families provide food, exercise, and attention for the pet in their care, in a nurturing, safe environment. Medical care, medications, and prescription diet (if needed) are provided by Animal Alliance's Planned Pethood clinic at no charge. Animals may remain with their foster family for several weeks or months.

Apply to be a foster

If you’re interested in fostering a pet, review our foster care contract and complete an adoption application and indicate your interest in fostering. Once we review your application, we’ll contact you in 24 hours to discuss next steps. To ensure a successful experience, we require that all members of a foster family meet the prospective foster animal at our Adoption Center prior to taking the pet home.

Questions about fostering? Call us: 609-818-1952