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drop-off: 8-10am
pickup: 3pm OR 6pm

drop-off: 8-10am
pickup: 3pm OR 6pm

drop-off: 8-10am
pickup: 3pm OR 6pm

Wellness services are also available during the same times. There is no office visit fee. There is a nominal charge for vaccines, medications and bloodwork.

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Animal Alliance
PO Box 1285
Belle Mead, NJ 08502
(609) 818-1952

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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic - Lambertville, NJ

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic

(609) 818-1952

1432 Route 179 North

Lambertville NJ 08530

We provide a wide array of professional animal services here at the clinic. Below we have listed our most common procedures and prices. Please call to schedule an appointment.When leaving a message, please speak clearly when saying your phone number, and please repeat the number again.

PRICE LIST as of November 1, 2017
  • Dog Spay or Neuter
    2 - 39 lbs: $165

  • Dog Spay or Neuter
    40 - 59 lbs: $185

  • Dog Spay or Neuter
    60 - 79 lbs: $205

  • Dog Spay or Neuter
    80 - 99 lbs: $290

  • Dog Spay or Neuter
    100 + lbs: $340

  • Female Cat Spay: $95

  • Male Cat Neuter: $85

  • Rabies Vaccine: $25

  • Feline Distemper Combo Vaccine (FVRCP): $25

  • Canine Distemper Combo Vaccine (DHPP): $25

  • Canine Bordatella Vaccine: $25

  • Feline Leukemia
    &  FIV Test: $40

  • Microchipping: $30

  • Heartworm Test: $40

  • Feral Cat Special: $60
    Includes spay or neuter surgery, rabies shot and ear tip. Cat must be feral to qualify for this price. This good samaritan rate is reserved for those caring for outdoor/wild/feral cats.

What’s Included?
ALL Surgery Prices include pre-surgical veterinary exam, anesthesia, surgery, injectable pain medication given at time of surgery (lasts 24 hours).

Extra Charges:

For both dogs and cats, there is an additional charge of $50 for in-heat females and for any undescended testicle (both testicles not dropped).

Pyometra (Infected Uterus) Spay is considered Emergency Surgery as pyometra is a life-threatening condition and the dog needs the infected uterus removed via spay as soon as possible. For Dogs, Additional Charge of $200 - $300 IN ADDITION to spay fee. Extra fee covers IV fluids, antibiotics, pain medication, hospitalization, etc. Pyometra is an emergency condition that is usually known in advance of surgery. For cats, $35 extra charge for pyometra.

Rabbit or Pigs up to 40 lbs Spay or Neuter $175
Rabbit & Pig Surgery is only done on Thursdays

Click here to review our clinic vaccination & wellness services policy.

Please note that NO services are EVER provided to unaltered animals!
We reserve the right to refuse an appointment at our clinic to anyone who is disruptive or rude to any of our volunteers or staff, on the phone, or in person.

planned pethood

planned pethood

Planned Pethood was started by Animal Alliance in 2009 and is Hunterdon and Mercer County's ONLY freestanding Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic for both cats and dogs. Planned Pethood alters dogs, cats, rabbits and pet pigs at a low and affordable cost.  Any pet is welcome regardless of household income. The ability to provide one's pet with basic veterinary care at an affordable price enables people to keep their pets in their home.  Today's economic times mean more people than ever before may not be able to afford to spay/neuter and vaccinate their pets.  Planned Pethood addresses this critical need. Planned Pethood employs numerous per-diem veterinarians and a rotating staff of veterinary nurses.

why spay/neuter?

Besides just preventing unwanted puppies and kittens, people spay and neuter their pets to keep them HEALTHY.  So many deadly health conditions can be PREVENTED by spaying and neutering.  There are also BEHAVIORAL issues that can be improved or corrected through spaying/neutering.  And, with so many pets being killed each year in our nation’s shelters, it’s the right thing to do.

Pyometra (infected uterus) is an emergency, life-threatening condition for female dogs and cats.  With pyometra, the uterus fills with pus and can rupture and spill toxic pus into the entire abdomen, causing extreme pain and ultimately death for your pet.  The ONLY cure for pyometra is an emergency spay, which can potentially cost thousands of dollars at an emergency veterinary hospital.  Spaying your female dog or cat completely prevents pyometra.  The risk of mammary (breast) tumors, cancers of the uterus, urinary tract infections, and kidney and bladder stones are reduced in female pets through spaying.  For males, the risk of prostate, testicular, and bladder cancers are greatly reduced through neutering, as well as other conditions such as bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.

Spaying/neutering your pet can help reduce undesirable behaviors such as urine spraying in male cats, nonstop crying/meowing of in-heat female cats.  Un-neutered male dogs may mount other animals, people’s legs, or furniture and/or lift their leg to “mark their territory.”  they may also act in an aggressive fashion to other dogs, cats, and sometimes even humans.  These behaviors are driven by testosterone, which is greatly reduced though neutering.  Female dogs who are unspayed may also mount things and people, and will bleed all over the house when they are in heat, staining furniture and stinking up the house.  In-heat females and unaltered males may also try desperately to escape the house to go out and mate and have been known to destroy walls and woodwork, and break windows or doors to get out.  

Too many pets die each year in shelters.  Many people that breed their pet are surprised to find that they can’t find good homes for all the puppies, and that they remain very worried about the future of the puppies they sell.  In this economy, there are not so many people that are going to buy puppies from a backyard breeder.  Sadly, many people end up turning in puppies to the shelter because they can’t find homes for them all.  And, for every puppy sold, a puppy waiting for a home in a shelter will die.  It’s that simple — when people buy a pet, they are causing the death of a shelter pet.  Spaying/neutering your pet helps save lives!

pre-surgery instructions

pre-surgery instructions

Please do not feed your pet the morning of surgery. Water is fine but no food after 11pm the night before surgery. Cash or check payment is due at the time of drop-off. Click here to review our surgery authorization form and post-surgery discharge instructions.

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